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Make sure your smile is camera ready this holiday season, and let Clint Newman, DDS show you how a...

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By: Clint Newman DDS On: November 11, 2015 In: Nashville Cosmetic Dentist Blog, Press Releases Comments: 0

Nashville Lifestyles’ Top Dentist, Clint Newman, DDS has moved from his Hillsboro Pike location to Suite 201 at 3796...

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By: Clint Newman DDS On: November 09, 2015 In: Health Basics, Nashville Cosmetic Dentist Blog Comments: 0

National Lung Cancer Awareness Month raises much needed attention to the topic of tobacco use and the many oral...

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DIY dentistry is now on the rise with YouTubers, and let us tell you, this is a prescription that...

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We have your timeline on what dental procedures to get when so you can ensure you have a beautiful...

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How That Summer-Time Grill-Out Is Ruining Your Teeth: From cocktails to corn on the cob, learn how to keep...

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By: Clint Newman DDS On: July 22, 2015 In: Lifestyle, Nashville Cosmetic Dentist Blog Comments: 0

A recent study found that people who smile appear to be more reliable, courteous, and even more competent. What...

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Thank goodness for smile makeovers! With modern advances in technology and cosmetic dentistry, your smile can maintain that youthful,...

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Getting Over Dental Anxiety “I can wait a few more months before I go to the dentist.” Well, if...

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So, what is cosmetic dentistry and what are the specifics of the services it includes? Dr. Clint Newman, DDS...

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